Membership Information Policy 

Article 1: Collecting, managing and using membership information


Membership information ie. name, date of birth, address, phone number are collected to identify and distinguish customers. We use such information in the following forms:

1. We collect and use the following personal information from members for transactions and management.:

 a. Customers will register for membership in application form: full name, date of birth, age, address, phone number…

  b. Registration date, admission date, using content and other information related to this present contract

  c. Other membership information.

2. We use data in part 1 for the following purposes:

  a. Order

  b. Deliver and provide products, services

  c. Establish the basis for supplying customers with products and services

  d. Collect service fees and payment

  e. Provide after-sales services

  f. Communication in case of emergency (such as: product problem)

  g. Invite customers to use our new services

  h. Collecting customers’ feedback

  i. Manage membership fee

  j. Other cases assigned in membership regulations such as: service introduction, ordering, payment request, handling problems

  k. Develop new products or marketing strategies

  l. Advertising activities

  m. Comply with the Law

Article 2: Request for producing and changing personal information

If members request to check their information, SYUN and related companies must provide customers’ information. Customers may ask us to correct them if there is any mistake.


Article 3: Fail to register for membership

In case you register unsuccessfully or is no longer part of the membership, your information is still used for the purposes mentioned in article 1.


Article 4: In case customers disagree on privacy policy

If you do not fill in the application form or disagree on privacy policy, we will refuse your requests or ask you to leave the membership.

Article 5: Request to pause service

If we receive customers’ requests, we and our partners will stop using your registered information.

Article 6: Contact


Please contact us if you have any question about managing and using your information:

   SYUN company

   No 6, 379/8, Hoang Hoa Tham, Lieu Giai, Ha Noi

   Tel : 024-3247-4383      

     Mobile: 090-450-1023

   Working hours: Monday - Friday (not including holidays) 9:00 ~ 18:00

 These regulations is in effect as from 01/06/2012.