● Applicable to customers living in Ha Noi.

● When registering for membership, you are obligated to pay 2.000.000 VND as security deposit.

※ If you wish to terminate your SYUN membership, we will refund you the paid security deposit. 

If you have not paid up your bills, or if you have lost or damaged the container on purpose, the amount needed to cover expenses will be deducted from the security deposit before you receive the rest.

● Your security deposit will be spent towards providing you with the best service.

● Please fill in the following customer’s information.
● Our staff will assist you to complete the registration and collect the security deposit along with your information.

Register your information Here

Step 1: Customer Registration

1. Please register your information as instructed above.
2. Our staff will contact you per your given information and instruct you the registration procedures.
※ You can request the documents only without help.
※ If you have not been contacted within 7 days of registration, please contact us at 0243-2474-383 or 090-450-1023.
3. You can also register by phone call. 

Step 2: Membership Registration




1. Our staff will instruct you to fill in the Membership Registration form.

2. After paying 2.000.000 VND as security deposit, you will receive written confirmation in the form of a receipt.
※ If you wish to terminate your SYUN membership, we will refund you the amount of security deposit per our regulations.


Step 3: Membership ID and delivery date

1. After you have completed membership registration and paid the security deposit, we will issue your membership ID.
※ The membership ID will be sent to you by Email, post office or delivered by our staff.

2. We will inform the delivery date along with the membership ID.
※ You may not pick the delivery date. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Step 4. Order

1. Online

You may use your membership ID and password to log in on our website: http://www.syun.vn and place your order.


2. Phone
  TEL 02432474383 Di động  0904500123 

Working hours: Monday – Friday (9:00 ~ 18:00)
On Saturday, Sunday and holidays, we receive orders via voicemail.

3. Time to order: by 6PM, 4 days before delivery date (not including Saturdays, Sundays or holidays)

※ To ensure food safety as well as freshness of vegetables and fruits, we need time to work with the producers. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Step 5: Delivery and Payment

1. Confirmation

Our shippers will contact you to confirm your address and amount of payment.


2. Delivery

Our shippers will deliver your orders to you. Upon receiving, please check the goods to unsure quantity and quality.
※ We have added the menu of SYUN’s vegetables in ASKOC-30 containers to make checking easier.


3. Payment 
Please pay in cash (VND) to our delivery staff.


4. Signature 

After confirming the products and the bill, please sign as instructed.