SYUN Company’s Regulations of using water purifier

SYUN Company is Party A, The customer is Party B

Article 1. Definition

Party B leases the water purifier owned by Party A. Party A provides Party B with the filter core constantly .Cost for leasing water purifier and installing machine is covered by Party B

Article 2. Cost (NOT INCLUDED VAT

Rental included: cost for using the water purifier, the inspection of water, changing the filter core and travelling expenses.

Party B will pay to Party A’s employees for the inspection of machine periodically. Party B becomes a membership of SYUN Company for using the water purifier.

Leasing fee: 550.000 VNĐ per month. (750.000 VNĐ per month for smaller size). Party B will pay to Party A the leasing fee for each duration of 2 months.

Article 3. Guarantee

In case of damaged components caused by the Party A, Party A will be responsible for repairing and checking the water purifier in the duration of the lease.

Party A will compensate Party B for the problems caused by Party A (not exceed 20.000.000 VNĐ)

there is no guarantee for the equipments installed before such as: the water pipe, the water valve…..

If the water purifier is damaged or can be used due to the responsibilities of Party B, repairing and replacing cost will be born by Party B

Article 4. Note

Party A is the ownership of the water purifier. Party B strictly obeys all of the following regulations. If breaking these regulations, Party B must take full responsibilities.

The water purifier
Party B is not allowed to disassemble or renovate the water purifier without the permission of Party A

②The filter core

Party B is not allowed using any types of filter core except the one appointed by Party A 

③ Disassembling and assembling the water purifier
If it is needed to move the water purifier for some reasons (such as: moving house…), Party B must inform Party A at least 10 days before and pay to Party A all of the
disassembling and assembling expenses (1.400.000VND)

The quality of water

The quality of water depends on the raw water. When the raw water passes through the water purifier, it will be eliminated 90% of impurities

Article 5. The inspection of water purifier periodically(changing filter core)

Party A has a responsibility to inspect the water purifier according to the regulations. If the function of the filter core is decreased, it will be replaced by Party A ahead of time. When the dirty water occurs due to the loss of water, Party B must stop using the water purifier temporarily. The water purifier can be damaged if it filters the dirty water. Party B should leave all the dirty water before using it again.

Article 6. In case of not paying leasing fee

If Party A confirms Party B not to pay the leasing fee, Party A will not take any responsibilities in this present contract. Party A can terminate this present contract prior to its expiration in this case. 

If Party B want to keep this present contract before the water purifier withdrawn by Party A, Party B must pay the leasing expense immediately

After the water purifier withdrawn by Party A, Party B must sign the new contract and bear all of the costs.

Article 7. Contract termination

Should Party B want to terminate this contract, Party B must inform to the Party A at least 10 days and return the water purifier. The charge for collecting the water purifier will be born by Party A if the duration of lease is over 1 year.

Party B must bear the charge of collecting the water purifier (500.000 VND) if the duration of lease is less than 1 year.