SYUN company uses different methods for temperature control to ensure the freshness of our vegetables and fruits. It will keep our produce at a fixed temperature in delivery from our workshop to customers.

Step 1:

In production area, harvesting and bagging is performed at appropriate time during the day and temperature is taken into consideration. 


Step 2:

Fruits and vegetables delivered from the production area are stored in a dedicated refrigerator. By cooling early after harvesting, damage will be kept to minimum.

Step 3:

At the processing workshop with constant temperature control, vegetables and ice are put in a specialized box for delivery.

※ In the cold winter, we may not add ice to vegetable box.


Step 4:

The delivery box is insulated by ice, therefore not affected by outside temperature and able to preserve the inside of the box temperature stable for a certain amount of time.

※ Please refrigerate the vegetable after receiving.


Step 5:

After vegetables are packed, our staff will deliver them to you as soon as possilbe.