SYUN vegetable box (mini size for 1 – 2 people) conform to the registration of customers. We have the seasonal vegetables (green vegetables, many kinds of bulb, beans, mushrooms, fruits…..) to ensure the balanced nutrition.


The registration

After becoming SYUN’s membership and registering SYUN vegetable box, we will deliver on a fixed day assigned by you weekly.

 After registering, you do not need to order SYUN vegetable box. When you are busy or do not want to receive the order for some reasons, please contact us via website or phone 4 days before delivery date that you registered (not including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).


  Feedback from Members:

1. After using the SYUN vegetable box (for 3 – 5 people), I found that the amount of vegetable is a little bit much. I can not use up all the vegetables.

2. Because of the amount of vegetables, I want to order products every 2 weeks instead of 1. But I still want to have fresh vegetables weekly.

3. My neighbor and I are sharing one SYUN vegetable box. Sometimes we want the same types of vegetable. It is hard for us to share.

4. I am living in Viet Nam by myself without my family. I can not use up all this amount of vegetable.

5. My wife and I cannot use up all the vegetable in this box.





Gokinjo SYUN vegetable box (mini size)


1. A regular box usually contains 2 sets of the mini size.

2. If you share with your neighbor, each of you will save 78.000VND.

3. We will deliver to 01 assigned address.

4. If you or your partner dicides to stop ordering, the other person can use SYUN vegetable box (mini size) at the reasonable price of 390.000VND.

5. Please register and pay 2.000.000 VND as security deposit to join SYUN’s membership.

※ After your SYUN’s membership is terminated, we will refund you the amount of security deposit according to the membership regulations.