SYUN vegetable box is put together according to to the submitted to us through the membership registration. We have the seasonal vegetables (green vegetables, many kinds of bulb, bean, mushroom, fruit…..) to ensure a balance of nutrition for your diet.



The registration

Once you become SYUN’s member and register for SYUN vegetable box, we will deliver the box on a set day chosen by you weekly.

※ After registering, you do not need to order SYUN vegetable box every week. When you are busy or for some reasons do not want to receive the box, please contact us via website or phone 02 days (not including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) prior to the delivery date of your registration. 



1. Healthy body due to healthful eating habits


Being healthy is what everyone wants. A reasonable eating habit with well balanced nutritients contributes majorly to good health. Our busy lifestyle sometimes gets in the way with us getting enough vegetables in order for our body to obtain the right kinds and amount of vitamins and minerals. With SYUN vegetable box, we deliver to you a choice that is a variety of many vegetables to ensure a well balanced and nutritious diet for you and your family.


2. Safety


Due to strict management (from cultivation to delivery) according to Japan standards, vegetables and fruits have the high quality that is equivalent to Japan products. You can feel safe using our products.


3. Fresh and delicious


We deliver seasonal vegetables in Vietnam in a special temperature-controlled box which maintains "deliciousness" and "freshness".


4. Waste-less


At "Shun", we process vegetables in advance and deliver them in a state where they can be cooked immediately. Therefore, waste can be eliminated, waste at home can be reduced and cooking time can be shortened.


5. Improving your cooking skill


Every week you will receive a variety of vegetables and fruits. By cooking vegetables that you have never used before, your cooking repertoire will increase.